OVEN 013

OVEN 013 - Tall Single Oven Housing - 1 Door Under, 1 Door Over, Left or Right Hinged (For Low Ceilings)

oven 013

Example is 680mm wide, and 2000mm high in door style C with a framed plinth. Chrome hinges and knob. Hand painted in Bone by Farrow & Ball

This is a special cabinet for rooms with low ceilings.

The appliance begins at 870mm from the base of the cabinet.

Supplied with 1 adjustable shelf.

The aperture is 890mm x 600mm and fits most standard double ovens. See the Downloads page of our website for a list of the best selling appliances that will fit.

Warming Drawer:
The 600mm x 600mm single oven aperture is also suitable for stacking a compact appliance and a small warming drawer. If you wish to do this please check with the manufacturers that the appliances are designed to be stacked.

  Minimum Standard Maximum
Height 1800mm n.a. 2000mm
Width 680mm 680mm 680mm
Depth 600mm 600mm 600mm*

*One or both sides can be extended up to 750mm