LARDER 015 - Tall China Cupboard - 2 Doors

larder 015

Example is 900mm wide, and 2170mm high in door style C with a framed plinth. Chrome hinges and knob. Hand painted in Bone by Farrow & Ball

Additional shelves are available (see Accessories price list).

Door panel split can be 50/50, 30/70, 40/60, 60/40, 70/30, or to match wall cupboard or base cabinet door panels, or fridge freezer door panels. See LA14A for same cabinet with 3 panel doors.

Supplied 3 adjustable shelves. Drawer starts at 870mm from floor.

Drawer runner is a top quality soft close runner with a huge weight capacity of 40kg. The runner is hidden under the drawer, and has a quick release catch to enable the drawer to be removed easily for cleaning.

Drawer is dovetailed back and front, and is normal drawer height.

  Minimum Standard Maximum
Height   1900mm n.a. 2400mm
Width 600mm n.a. 1000mm
Depth 500mm 600mm 600mm*

*One or both sides can be extended up to 750mm