ITEM CORNER 006 - Corner Blank, 1 Door, Lemans Corner

corner 006

Example is 1200mm wide in door style C with a framed plinth. Chrome hinges and knob. Hand painted in Bone by Farrow & Ball

Door can be on left of cabinet, right hinged, or right of cabinet, left hinged (as pic shows).

Min width of door and surrounding frame is 550mm.

Max width of door and frame is 680mm.

Leave 50mm gap between side wall and side of cabinet when calculating the width of the cabinet to allow for uneven walls.

Actual pull out may vary depending on product improvements or availability.

  Minimum Standard Maximum
Height   870mm 870mm 870mm
Width 1150mm 1150mm 1280mm
Depth 600mm 600mm 600mm*

*One or both sides can be extended up to 750mm