ITEM CORNER 001 - Corner, 2 Doors

corner 001

Example is 900mm wide in door style C with a framed plinth. Chrome hinges and knob. Hand painted in Bone by Farrow & Ball

Supplied with 1 adjustable shelf.

Width is measured along each back wall. Depth is measured front to back. If you increase depth you decrease the door size on the opposite side. Min size for each door and its frame is 250mm.

One side can be longer than the other, but be aware that the doors will then be different sizes.

This unit is made in 2 pieces so it can be taken apart to get through doorways etc.

  Minimum Standard Maximum
Height   870mm 870mm 900mm
Width 350mm 900mm 1000mm
Depth 100mm 600mm 600mm*

*One or both sides can be extended up to 750mm